Original published in 1907, The Wet Plate Collodion Process by Arthur Payne is an excellent historical reference for anyone engaged with wet plate collodion photography.  This book is an introduction to the use of dry and colour sensitive collodion plates for process work. It offers the reader a complete guide to the many disciplines within the wet collodion process, including ferrotypes, lantern slides, line and half-tone negatives and colour sensitive collodion plates.

This edition is limited to 100 copies and not available on Amazon or other online retailers or in-store. 

The author discusses in detail the dark room, apparatus, chemicals and materials required for the process, as well as outlining the theory and history of the process. Of note within the twelve chapters and appendix are a collection of formulas for developers, intensifiers and silver bath used in the process. The book was first published by Mawson & Swan of Newcastle-on-Tyne, one of the biggest manufacturers of photographic collodion in the United Kingdom from the 1850s onwards.

Chapters include:

A Slight Historical Sketch 
Elementary Theory
The Arrangement of the Dark Room 
Chemicals and Materials
General Manipulations
The Production of Line and Half-Tone Negatives 
Continuous tone and Film Negatives
Lantern Slides and Transparencies
Ferrotypes and Glass Positives
Collodion Dry Plates for Acid and Alkaline Development. The Conversion of a Negative into a Positive
Colour Sensitive Collodion Plates
Appendix, with Formules

The book is fully indexed. 


An extremely rare book, this new edition of The Wet Plate Collodion Process has been carefully and faithfully re-typeset from the original in Adobe Minion Pro and includes all the original illustrations from the 1907 edition. 


The Wet Collodion Process

by Arthur Payne

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Introducing the use of dry and colour sensitive collodion plates for process work. 

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Arthur Payne

Little is known about Arthur Payne. He was a Fellow of the Chemical Society of London and a member of The Royal Photographic Society, where he exhibited in the 1903 Annual Exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain with a photography titled: Blue Ghyll. His home address in 1903 was recored as 12, Tyne Vale Terrace, Gateshead-on-Tyne. 

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Arthur Payne

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